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Below are some witness statements from audience members;

"...we really enjoyed your last production. The teenagers were hilarious, every oldies’ nightmare. ...thanks for a fun evening
(and a bottle of wine)."

Cheryl, by e-mail

"We enjoyed our evening with you at The Castle Keep last week and can think of several other potty people who would enjoy a similar occasion... Think we will probably have to book for both sessions with different people. Is that too greedy? I promise not to divulge the ending to group 2. Look forward to it.."

Cheryl, by e-mail

"Really enjoyed your play on Saturday. Brought a different friend this time. She thought it was such an enjoyable evening that she is going to be a regular too. We both love the atmosphere of The Keep."

Jill, by e-mail

"We came along to a murder/mystery at the Castle Keep. We loved it and have spread the word to lots of people"

Christine, by e-mail

"Went to the Bridge last night and thoroughly enjoyed the production. Could you let me know about further productions please?"

Anne, by e-mail

"I think funny is an understatement,it had to be one of the most hilarious nights of my life"

John, Jesmond

"I would just like to thank everyone at SUSPECTproductions for working so professionally and helping my party be a completely unique event. You are the real thing"

Margaret, Morpeth

"Sherlock Holmes would be turning in his grave, rolling with laughter, if he wasn't a purely fictional character"

Alan, by email

"You guys Rock!"

Andy, Tynemouth

"When are you coming back, mind it better be soon. I can't wait too long!"

Sandra, Gosforth

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