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SUSPECTproductions is a theatre company specialising in three-act scripted murder mysteries. Its cast members are all experienced actors, who engage in polished professional performances. Currently within the group, there are two writers who can produce witty, fun scripts and will fulfil commissions in terms of theme, if required.

Currently SUSPECT can offer fourteen different productions:-


Gin Bottle-Family Affairs

Family Affairs
by Rietta Collings
(available with two different endings and two different suspects found guilty).

The victim is dispatched before the reading of a family will at a gathering in a local pub/hotel. The lurid goings-on of the Douglas family are revealed with hideous clarity.

Masks-The Am Drams

The Am Drams
by Rietta Collings
(available with two different endings and two different suspects found guilty).

The lurid details of the private lives of the cast of an amateur dramatic society are revealed, posing such questions as: Why is the leading lady suspicious of her husband? What are the guilty secrets lurking in the "vicar's" past? Why is the "bride" missing on her "wedding day"? Can the understudy take over? Who is the director's current sleeping partner?

An Ofsted Inspector Almost Calls

An Ofsted Inspector Almost Calls
by Rietta Collings

A school staff "do" designed to welcome the Ofsted Inspector goes disastrously wrong. Will serious weaknesses be found?

by Howard Dickenson

The editor of The Evening Rumour isn't a popular man. But who takes their dislike of him a bit too far?

Bite it-Anyone for Menace?

Anyone for Menace?
by Kathy Paul

It's a sunny afternoon in the 1920s when the taking of a proper tea is important. There's a tennis party at a country house, Hetherington Hall, and a match has been arranged for 2.15pm prompt. So why is one of the doubles pairs so rudely late?

Strictly Stilettos

Strictly Stilettos
by Kathy Paul

It’s the last ballroom competition of the year. The young and upcoming dancers are after the top prize – The Lucy Lane Latin Lurex Trophy. Now is the time to oust the older competition but things go very wrong before the tango is danced out.

A Fairy Suspicious Death

A Fairy Suspicious Death
by Kathy Paul
(available with two different endings and two different suspects found guilty).

The local fairy queen, who's ruled far too long in the opinion of most immortals, has summoned an important meeting. So why's she keeping everyone waiting?


Roll Up, Roll Up and Die
by Kathy Paul

It should have been all the fun of a small family circus, but tension and rivalries are running far too high over the tightrope walker.


by Kathy Paul

Set in a 1920s silent movie studio, the question is - Can Dirk Dubois make Newcastle’s first talking movie soon or are his directorial days numbered?


by Kathy Paul
A special Christmas production

Set in a far, far away wintry wonderland, where the usual suspects include a disgruntled reindeer and an overworked elf!


Once a Knight
by Kathy Paul

A murder mystery set in The Dark Ages – a very confused and confusing time in history.

Panto Horse

Oh No He Isn't!
by Kathy Paul

It’s risky to mess with traditional stories in the world of pantomime

Helter Skelter

Whole Lotta Bashin' Goin' On!
by Kathy Paul

Set in the world of a 1950s talent competition.

Not The Spam Again thumbnail

Not The Spam Again
by Kathy Paul

Set in a 1945 concert party to celebrate the end of war - or VE day,
'Not The Spam Again’ is a whodunnit with a difference!